This weekend my boyfriend flew into Denver and we drove up to explore Fort Collins for the weekend.  It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise and the city was hosting Fort-toberfest in Old Town, which was a lot of fun.

Friday we tried to go hiking to Horsetooth Falls, but got a little lost and so we never made it.  It’s still a short hike i want to do sometime though.  After our failed hike, we went to check in at our hotel and take a nap – we were exhausted!  That night we got to visit a cidery and a cider-only bar and try different hard ciders which was fun tasting the different flavors and discovering which ones i liked and which I didn’t… my favorites all had pear.

Saturday we woke up and went to my favorite breakfast place, Snooze.  I had my usual pineapple upside down gluten-free pancakes and they did not disappoint!  After breakfast we walked around Old Town scoping out a place to watch the Alabama – Florida game that afternoon.  We ended up finding the Yeti which had a giant screen they projected the game on to and fabulous service!  Our waitress introduced us to angry balls, which is just a shot of fireball in an angry orchard and it may be my new favorite drink.  After the long game, we walked around Fort-toberfest and listened to some local music.  I love festivals like that is communities around the country – it is such great people watching, which is one of my most favorite activities.  That night we went to this restaurant that served crawfish and alligator that was actually really good and after dinner we went and got my favorite Ft. Collins only drink at Social – a lavender sour.  They are delicious!

Sunday was our New Belgium brewery tour, which may have been my favorite thing we did all weekend.  If you’re in Fort Collins, or within driving distance, this tour is a must do!  You tour the property, learn about the company history and culture and get to try various free beers throughout the tour.  I learned I really like their sour beer, La Follie and La Terroir.  I also really loved their season beer, Pum-Kick – it was delicious!  After our brewery tour, we just wandered around Fort Collins for a bit more and walked around CSU’s campus.  Leaves were crunching underfoot and squirrels were running around like crazy and even though it was warm, it felt like autumn.

I could totally see us living in Fort Collins one day if he was ever given the opportunity to move there, the community just felt like it fit us.  The more time I spend with him, the crazier I become about him.  I cannot wait to be living together and exploring what it means to build a life together,  Every time I’m with him, we discover more that we have in common and life is just completely natural with him,  No walls, no games, no pretenses.  We are fully ourselves and it makes me realize how lucky I am that he reached out to me and changed my life for the better in May.  I can’t wait to see what our future brings, but I know it will be filled with exploration, adventure, comfort and love.  I truly believe he is the man I am meant to build my life with and that is so very exciting to me,


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