I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

Anne of Green Gables, you could not have truer words within your pages.

It is the most wonderful month of the year! College football is in full swing, and the games that make a difference in deciding who the best teams in a conference or the best teams in the country are, are being played. Leaves are changing, falling and crunching underfoot. The air is crisp and clean, the days are cooling down and the nights are cold enough to bring out the flannel sheets. It is chilly enough to wear tights and boots with dresses, bundle up in scarves and sweaters and wear the colors of autumn – mustard, plum, crimson, cranberry, teal, navy… It’s the month of bonfires, hiking, pumpkins and chili. It is my absolute favorite time of the year, because the world seems refreshed, renewed and excited. It’s a month where everybody is outside enjoying the paintings of nature and languishing in the Indian summer days and full transition of summer to autumn.

September flew by, without my realizing where the time was going. So my goals weren’t fully accomplished – that just means there will be some carry over into October.  Let’s look at how my September goals went…

1. No eating out unless I’m with my boyfriend.

I did great on this one – although I also ate out with my co-workers for a birthday celebration, going away party, and a breakfast meeting.

2. No shopping until Fort Collins weekend (my favorite store is in Fort Collins, so I’ll have to at least take a peak around!)

I did okay on this one – I did do some shopping on Amazon & with Montana Shirt Company.

3. Read five books. Three for professional development and two for pleasure.

I haven’t even finished one.  Utter Failure!

4. Organize and clean out my work desk.

Done!  My desk only has the absolute essentials now, which is really nice!

5. Create my Christmas shopping list. (I always like to decide what I want to get my loved ones in September and begin shopping in October, so that all presents are bought prior to Thanksgiving.)

This is nowhere close to done – I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas this year…

6. Workout 5 days a week, with at least two group classes a week.

I did okay with this, but I’m amending it for October….

7. Go on five hikes.

I went on three, so this wasn’t a complete failure, but wasn’t a success either…

8. Try three new recipes.

Done.  It was simply cooking salmon differently three times though…

9. Take lots of pictures.

I did, but I can do so much better on this in October!

10. Live in the moment.

This went well, and is something I want to continue focusing on!

October is full of so many activities and so much promise, that I want to simplify my goals a bit this month.

  1. Do something active every day this month.
    1. I have a goal that between today and Halloween I’ll have moved at least 100 miles.
  2. Finish reading Fall of Giants.
    1. This is a BIG book & it’s the first of a trilogy; I think I’ll be reading this series until Christmas!
  3. Pay it forward to someone else once a week.
    1. This can be surprising a coworker with a treat, paying for someone in line at a coffee shop, etc.
  4. Decide what I want to get everyone for Christmas.
    1. I want to do something low-key this year for everyone because of how much traveling I’ve been doing and the fact that I’m in a wedding in June.  I don’t have a lot of discretionary income to spend on presents, but I want to get something meaningful for each person that I’m close to.
  5. Take LOTS of photos!
    1. This month my boyfriend comes to visit twice (the very first weekend & Halloween weekend) and I go out there once.  I also have initiation for the college chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta that I advise, Bettie Locke’s birthday aka Theta day of service, Soup Sup with the alum & actives, and a few girls nights with roommates and friends.  While I want to focus on living in the moment, I want to capture this time with loved ones too.
  6. Write every day.
    1. This doesn’t have to be published on here, but I want to intentionally take time every day to capture the highs and lows and random musings of my brain.
  7. Go three weeks with no coke products.
    1. I love the carbonation and sugar as an afternoon pick-me-up, but I want to kick this habit to the curb this month!
  8. Complete the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim-down.
    1. This will help reset my body to eating clean, nutrient-dense foods and working out more effectively.
  9. Complete season one of The Blacklist, so that I can catch-up to season two!

There is a lot I want to accomplish this month, and I know October will be over in the blink of an eye.  I am so excited for the things that are already on my calendar and the unexpected adventures to come!


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