I can’t remember whose blog I saw this idea on, but I thought it was a great post, so I decided to discuss the same topics.

1. Life Plans. 

I have lots of life plans, but many are unknown in definition…

I am planning to get a job in Pocatello, Idaho and move.

I am planning to attend graduate school.  Trying to discern if this will be in school counseling or a combination of an MBA/MA in Communication Studies with a focus in corporate communication.

Marry the love of my life.

Travel the world.

2. Homemaking skills. 

I love to cook and clean.  Cleaning is a form of stress-relief for me.  I want to become a better chef & baker though.  There are so many delicious sounding recipes I’ve found on Pinterest or in magazines or on Food Network shows.  I love being in the kitchen and want to improve my abilities. I want to develop a clear aesthetic

3. What Drives Me.

Perseverance. Faith. Trust. Love. Family. Friendships. Loyalty. Ambition. Kindness. Aspiration. Hope. Light. Truth.

4. My Dreams/Wishes.

I to travel the world with my best friend & love of my life.

I want to serve my community.

I want to live in a home that makes friends & family feel welcomed & loved.

5. How I Keep My Ish Together.

I live by my planner.

I have quiet time daily.

I make sure to work out and eat healthy.

I make sure to get enough sleep.

6. My Biggest Fear.

Not being able to experience other cultures & ways of life.

Dying alone.

Feeling like I failed in life.

7. What holds me back from doing things. 
I can be very self conscious and cautious when it comes to new experiences.  But I’m learning to push past it.
8. Why I always wear dresses. 
They are SO much more comfortable than pants!  Even in the winter I prefer them with boots & tights.  I’m a total dress girl!
9. Why I blog. 
I love to write and express my thoughts and emotions.
10. My Insecurities. 
Not being smart enough.
Not being accomplished enough.
Not knowing what I’m supposed to be doing in life.
Not being as fit as my family.
Feeling like the odd one out in my family.
Just overall insecurity about being “good enough” for these ridiculous expectations I’ve created.
-What are some other things you’ve always wanted to ask people but were too afraid to ask? 
-Any other things you want to know? 

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