Smelling: My Stress Relief aromatherapy lotion from Bath & Body Works. The combination of eucalyptus and spearmint is SO good!

Making: I’m not making anything.  I’m trying to learn to crochet though, so that I can make scarves & blankets eventually!

Wearing: Black Target boots, black Target  leggings, black J.Crew skirt, hot pink Gap long sleeve shirt, Target hounds-tooth scarf & Victoria Secret black leather jacket.

Baking: The last thing I baked was gluten-free cornbread.

Listening: To a coffee-house indie station through Songza.

Wanting: To get a job in Pocatello so that I can move there.

Drinking: Water. Lots of water!

Loving: That I’ll be reunited with the love of my life tonight! 🙂

Eating: I’m snacking on seaweed, but I had chipotle pork sliders for lunch.

Wishing: That the job hunt & move was happening more quickly.

Reading: Fall of Giants by Ken Follett still.  It’s fabulous.  I’m obsessed with this trilogy!

Needing: A massage – my back & shoulders have been really tense this week.

Noticing: How absolutely gorgeous this autumn has been!


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