Weekends are quickly becoming my most favorite days of the week. Especially when they’re weekends I get to spend with my love. This past weekend I had a job interview Friday morning and when that was over we drove out to Jackson, Wyoming to explore Grand Teton National Park and the truly adorable town of Jackson.

I am a bit of a snob about national parks – while I think each one is beautiful & historical & we should visit all of them, I have my clear favorites and ones I’ve been less than impressed with. I also have my bucket list National Parks. This weekend, I checked one off my bucket list and I cannot wait to go back to frequently. The Grand Tetons are gorgeous & jagged & rugged & majestic. They inspired me to day dreams about the Natives and fur trappers and their stories about the discovery of the land. It caused curiosity about the original settlers who claimed the land under the Homestead Act and the sheer determination and stubbornness they must have had to fight the land and conditions. I could see why celebrities flock to Jackson, Wyoming just like the elk herd that migrates there for the winter. It was a GORGEOUS place! When I’m engaged, it’s where I want my engagement pictures taken.

We also explored the town of Jackson enjoying the food, and walking around the shops. Bin 22 was a delicious tapas and wine bar. Their stuffed dates were incredible and their staff recommended some great wines! Cafe Genevieve was a great breakfast place that serves candied bacon – such an indulgent breakfast treat. Our hotel was directly across from the Elk Reserve and the perfect place to stay – I’d totally stay there again. Overall, the time in Wyoming was so relaxing and I truly fell in love with a new area of the country that I can’t wait to explore more and get to know better.

Saturday afternoon we headed back to Pocatello for some college football – is there anything better on an autumn Saturday? Sunday we went to church, ran errands, watched a movie and cooked dinner – a perfect “normal” day in my opinion.

I hated waking up at 3:30 this morning to get ready and drive to Idaho Falls to catch my flight back to Denver, but I’m so incredibly grateful for the time we had together and the events of the weekend.

The more time I spend with him, the more in love I fall. I love how being with him feels like the most natural thing in the world and that I’m completely comfortable in silence appreciating the beauty around us, but equally at ease discussing anything and everything that comes to mind. I truly believe he is the best thing to ever happen to me and I could not be more excited to see him again this weekend!


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