Sun Valley

This weekend was another one that made me fall even more in love with Idaho & increase the desire I have to relocate there and begin my life with the man I love.

Friday we went to breakfast at a diner across from the university and then I hung some subway maps on his office walls while he was in a meeting.  I was also able to meet more of his colleagues, which was nice.  I love meeting the people he works with.  After his meeting let out, we went to run a couple errands for the weekend, including picking up some huckleberry vodka from the 44 north distillery – man is that stuff incredible!  We were also able to find another bottle of mencia style wine which has quickly become my very favorite.  After our errands we met William’s friends for lunch at the country club.  Even though it was fairly windy, we were able to take advantage of the sunshine and 50-degree weather to sit outside – such a plus since it is now snowing and the windchill makes it feel well below zero!

Friday evening we went to see the local community theater production of Les Miserables – one of my favorite shows and a really difficult show to pull off on a small budget with a cast assembled from the community.  It was really well done though!  Their Cosette had a beautiful voice and their cast had great timing throughout the show.  It was weird to not have a live orchestra though – I feel you miss so much of the theater experience without it.  I’m excited to attend more shows with the community theater and university though.  Theater is one of my very favorite ways to spend an evening, and I love that they have an active theater community there.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even become brave enough to audition and fall in love again with what brought me so much sanity through middle school and high school – we’ll see.

Saturday morning we got up really early and picked up another couple to head to Sun Valley where we were meeting up with another friend and her mom.  It was such a fun day despite the gondola not running in the off-season.  We were able to visit Hemingway’s grave and drive to the summit to see the views.  The company was great and we discovered a fun wine bar where we spent the afternoon.  Saturday night we were able to watch the Crimson Tide defeat LSU in overtime which was such a tense game, as always.  I hate LSU and that game always makes me tense.  Thankfully, Alabama pulled out the win and we were able to celebrate.  It was a great day with people who I really enjoy spending time with and can’t wait to do more with when I’m able to move to Idaho.

Sunday we got up for brunch and then drove back to Pocatello where William made a delicious steak dinner and we watched the Five Year Engagement.  It was so nice to just curl up on the couch with the love of my life and relax just the two of us.  The food was great, the wine was amazing and the movie was hilarious.  It was a perfect end to the weekend.

I just hate how quickly these weekends fly by.  I hate getting in at 11 PM on Thursday and leaving at 5 AM on Monday.  I’m so very ready to move to Idaho and do every day life with this man.  Being with him brings me more joy than I thought possible for one person to bring just by being with them.  I am so very crazy about this man and counting down until I see him again when I fly back to Idaho on November 20.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy being in Colorado and the snowy winter weather that swept in last night.  No more Indian Summer and gorgeous autumn days, winter has come a full 40 days ahead of schedule and made her presence known.  Luckily, I have great neighbors, coworkers & friends to carpool with in this crazy weather and a warm home and office to spend my time in.

Confession: this winter weather had me listening to Christmas music today and makes me want to begin watching Christmas movies.  Is there anything better this time of year than snuggling under a cozy blanket in front of a roaring fire while wearing fuzzy socks, drinking a hot beverage, with a yummy smelling candle lit, enjoying a great book or favorite movie?  If there is, I do not know what it is.

I do wish we had more Thanksgiving themed movies or music though.  My favorite holiday just gets overlooked between Halloween and Christmas.  Oh, well.  Thanksgiving is still the best holiday all year & I’m feeling lucky I get to celebrate it at least four times this month!


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