Finding My Passion…

I found this survey of 27 Questions to Find Your Passion and decided to answer them here, as I believe I have finally figured out the path I want to pursue with my life.

1.What makes you happiest in your life? What excites you?

I am happiest when I am surrounded by people I enjoy and can tell the work I’m doing matters.  I’m excited by history, genealogy, rhetoric and politics.  I’m excited by giving back to my community and engaging in a conversation where people reveal their passions and heart.

2.What do you do that makes you feel invincible?

I never feel invincible.

3.What do people thank you for?

Listening, cooking a meal for them, giving advice, giving time, recommending books, etc.

4.What are you ridiculously good at? What are your precious gifts?

I don’t think I’m ridiculously good at anything… I’m a strong writer, I’m a great listener, I’m an avid reader, I’m a decent cook… but ridiculously good? Not anything I recognize…

5.Who do you look up to? Who are your mentors? Who inspires you? Why?

I look up to my parents & their work ethic.  My mentors are people who are several steps ahead of me in their careers and are willing to share the lessons they’ve learned and their wisdom with me.  I’m inspired my Grammy and her love of reading, I’m inspired by my old professors and the work they publish and present, I’m inspired by individuals throughout history that I discover through reading, I’m inspired by friends who are pursuing their dreams.

6.When was the last time you massively over-delivered on something? What was it and why did you work so damn hard?

A research project at work; I worked so hard because I was enjoying what I was doing and given freedom to do it well.

7.When was the last time you were in a state of flow, in the zone and totally lost track of time? What were you doing?

I was reading Unbroken.

8.Imagine you won $158 million in the lottery. It’s now three months later. How will you spend tomorrow?

Hopefully travelling and learning the local history, culture and culinary tastes of wherever I am exploring.

9. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would find a way to be a professional student.

10.If you could have or do anything, what would it be?

Travel the world and explore the culinary worlds and local histories of every place I visit.

11.What topics do you find yourself continuously arguing or defending with others? What beliefs does your stance represent?

I enjoy discussing current events and politics and the ways different news outlets choose to portray the same story.

12.What makes you most angry about the state of the world? With unlimited resources how could you fix it?

Apathy and disregard for both history and the present.  I would find ways to wake people up and get them to care about the world that’s bigger than their personal sphere.

13.What are you most afraid of for the next generation, whether you have kids or not?

Apathy and the inability to connect on a human level beyond the digital world.

14.What do you love helping people with? How do you most commonly help others?

I love being asked to give advice or for my opinion.  I love being asked to contribute a meal to someone.  I love being asked for book recommendations or helping someone find the perfect gift.  These are also the ways I most commonly help others.

15.What’s your favorite section in the bookstore? What’s the first magazine you’d pick up at the grocery store?

I love histories, biographies, and historical fiction.

16.When was the last time you couldn’t sleep because you were so excited about what you had to work on? What was it?

I honestly can’t remember…

17.If you trusted that your art (your creativity) would support your life, How would you live?

I would live traveling the world, exploring and writing about my adventures while actively learning the culture and history of where I was.

18.Out of all your current work roles, what would you gladly do for free?

I don’t know that I would…

19.If you were able to be a member of the audience at your own funeral (in 100 years or so) what would you want to hear people say?

I would want people to say that I was kind and they knew that I really cared about them on a heart level.  That I impacted their life in a positive way.

20.What do you want to be remembered for – what dent do you want to have put in the world?

I want to be remembered for the way I loved people and encouraged them.  I want to be remembered for my heart.

21.What do your friends always tell you you’d be good at, that you should do for a living (i.e. “he’d make a great…)? If you don’t remember, then go ask five of them.

Teacher. Politician. Writer. Adviser. Journalist.

22.What are you naturally curious about?

History. Genealogy. How rhetoric influences the tides of history. Why people believe what they believe. How the brain works.  What causes people to do what they do.

23.If you had a free hour to surf the internet, what would you explore?

I love reading blogs and news articles and watching YouTube videos.

24.Think back to when you were 5 or 10 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up? Anything goes. What skills and metaphors do these represent (i.e. pilot may be a symbol for freedom)?

I wanted to be a historical reenactor at Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, etc.  I also wanted to be a senator or the president.

25.If you could write a book to help the world, that is guaranteed to be a best seller, what would the title be? What’s it about?

It would be about how to see the good in people and it would simply be called Good.

26.What careers do you find yourself dreaming of? What jobs do others have that you wish were yours?

I would love to work in something that allowed me to read and write, interact with people and teach people something new in a creative way.

27.What 3-5 dream jobs or businesses can you imagine that would firmly embody your core beliefs about the world. Sky’s the limit.

I would love to do historical reenactment or teach history in a classroom or museum.  I would love to write a children’s book.  I would love to research people’s genealogies.  I would love to collect individual’s personal histories and compile them into a book…


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