Thanksgiving Weekend

How in the world is it the end of November already?  Every month seems to fly by lately, but I feel like I blinked and November is over.

This weekend I stayed with my parents and my brother was home and it was just a great weekend of family time.  Thursday we ate our big Thanksgiving dinner at 3:30 when my sister got off work.  After dinner, we went to a 6:00 showing of Mockingjay Part I.  The movie was good and I liked seeing the different districts ways of rebelling against the Capitol.  When we got home, Rae had to go straight to bed because she had to work her two jobs on black Friday – the first one beginning at 5:45 a.m. – bless her heart she works so hard!

Friday we had tickets to the Air Force versus Colorado State game at the Air Force Academy.  What  great game!  I love when a rivalry game is hard fought and comes down to the final minute of play.  In addition to watching a great game of football, the weather was in the 60s and perfect football weather.  Plus, the sky at sunset during the fourth quarter was Colorado at its finest.  It was a GREAT Friday afternoon with my family.

Saturday we put up our Christmas tree and took down our autumn decorations so Mama could begin transforming the house for Christmas.  I love that we decorate so quickly after Thanksgiving, but give Thanksgiving its time to shine.  We also went out for a family dinner before watching the Iron Bowl which is always an event in our house with my brother, sister & mama cheering for Auburn, daddy pretending to be Switzerland and my yelling Roll Tide.  Thankfully this year the game went in favor of the Tide who looked really sloppy but are headed to the SEC championship game against Mizzou.  Montana also won their first round of the playoffs against San Diego State in a game where the weather looked crazy – beautiful at kickoff and snowing like crazy by halftime.  Happy to cheer the Griz on in round two of the playoffs next week – I love seeing my alma mater play well!

This morning we all woke up at 5:00 a.m. to take Ben to the airport, except for Rae who had to work.  She worked almost all weekend.  I hope she gets to relax a bit this week with her trip to Michigan.

I can;t believe I won’t see everyone together again until December 23.  That seems so far away from now but I’m sure I’ll blink and it will be here.


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