Operation Christmas Child

Yesterday, a group of 12 ladies from work went up to Denver to help prepare boxes at the Denver Operation Christmas Child processing center.  All the boxes we prepared for shipment are bound for Mexico.  It was a great time with women who are both friends and co-workers and we were doing something that will hopefully brighten the day of a lot of children.

There were several volunteers who’d been working with OCC in their processing centers for over 14 years – what a great annual tradition for the Christmas season!  It was interesting going through the boxes to make sure there weren’t any liquids or inappropriate items in the boxes and seeing what gifts were carefully chosen by kids around the western part of the states for these kids to receive through Operation Christmas Child.  Some items were really funny and others were very practical.  There were families who wrote letters and included pictures and just had the sweetest hearts in blessing someone else this Christmas.

After a 9-3 shift at the processing center, the car I went up with went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and margaritas.  We had a lot of fun catching up about life, sharing news and being able to vent about frustrations at work.

I had such a fun day yesterday with a great group of friends doing something that will hopefully help kids have a special Christmas this year.


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