25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2015 – Part II

I saw Chelsea from Life is a Sunset answer these questions last year and thought it would be a great way to reflect on 2014 and prepare for 2015.

11. When did I feel most creatively inspired?

  • When shopping for the perfect gift for the people I love for their birthday and Christmas.

12. What projects have I completed?

  • I completed several projects for work.

13. How have I procrastinated?

  • My favorite way to procrastinate is to watch YouTube or Netflix.

14. In what ways can I re-structure my time?

  • I would love to be able to get up earlier in the mornings to get a workout in before work.

15. How have I allowed fear of failure to hold me back?

  • I haven’t.  I’ve opened myself up to the many adventures life has had to offer this year and am excited for the adventures 2015 will offer.

16. Where has self-doubt taken over?

  • I’ve tried very diligently to stop my daily self-doubt and have gotten much better since I began dating William in May.  Being with him has strengthened my level of self-confidence to where it was back in 2008 and hadn’t been since then.

17. When have I felt the most alive?

  • I feel the most alive when I am traveling and exploring somewhere new.

18. How have I taught others to respect me?

  • I hope I’ve taught others to respect me through my actions and following-through in what I promise.

19. How can I improve my relationships?

  • I think my relationship is very strong, but know it can only improve the more time we spend together and the longer we’re together.  Both of which will be strengthened when I move to Idaho this spring.

20. Have I been unfair to anyone?

  • I can make snap judgments when I’m tired or irritated…

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