December Catch-Up

The last two weeks have absolutely flown by!  I can’t believe that there are only four days left in 2014!

On December 11 I flew down to Alabama to meet William’s family and spend time with them.  During that time, I was able to see him hooded for his PhD and attend his sister’s wedding.  I also was able to truly take time off work and relax while getting to know his family and spend time just enjoying being together with William.  I LOVED his family!  They were so warm and welcoming and made me feel a part of their family.  I was so nervous before I got down there, but was immediately put at ease from the moment I met them all.  While in Alabama I was also able to see my best friend, Laura, and exchange Christmas gifts and catch up on life.  I am just feeling so happy about how much I loved the last two weeks, but I am missing William more than I normally do.  I was spoiled getting to see him for 10 days straight.  Life is just so much better when I’m with him and I’m looking forward to moving to Idaho in 2015.

When I got back to Colorado, my family went to see The Nutcracker on Christmas Eve eve.  Then on Christmas Eve we went to our traditional Chinese food dinner and mass, then came home and got into our matching flannel pajamas and my brother read Twas the Night Before Christmas.  After story time, my family made spiked hot chocolate and watched Elf, while I headed to bed.  I was exhausted and not feeling too great.

Christmas morning came early, with my parents waking us up at 6:45 – the days have changed from when we couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve and waking up before the sun to my parents waking us up early.  It was a great Christmas morning, where we were each spoiled and mama made a delicious Christmas dinner of ham, baked pineapple, corn pudding, green beans and homemade cranberry sauce.  After dinner, we tried to go see Night At the Museum 3, but it was sold out.  So I headed to my house and slept in my own bed for the first time in a few weeks.  It snowed Christmas Day night and the next morning the world was covered in a blanket of white, so I chose to stay home and relax – which was perfect since I woke up with a head cold.

Today, I went to the gym to try and get back into a routine and went to see the final installment of The Hobbit with my dad.  After the movie, we went grocery shopping at Trader Joes and I should be set on healthy food for awhile.  Tonight, I have a candle burning, a pot of tea ready and a movie on.  Just a great night alone, though I wish William was with me, as I always do.  Life is truly just more enjoyable when we’re together.

Overall, I have had the best December ever and I can’t believe how quickly it flew by.  I know that 2015 will be here in the blink of an eye and I am so looking forward to the many, many adventures to come!


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