Looking Forward

2015 has so much fun already planned and it’s only the 1st of the year!

In just one week, William comes to visit & we’re going to a Colorado Avalanche game with my family!  I cannot wait to see him again.  I hate long-distance, but we’re on the downward slope, and that makes me really excited!  At some point in the first five months of the year (probably May) I will be moving to Idaho and long-distance will be O-V-E-R! Cannot wait to make that a reality!

In February, William is taking me to New York City for my birthday.  I already know 26 will easily be the best birthday ever!

In March, my family is going to Florida with a day in the Magic Kingdom, a day at Universal Studios and 4 days in Cocoa Beach.  It will be nice to have a family of five vacation outside of Colorado.  Last vacation out of the state was my senior trip to Hawaii in 2006!  Granted, we’ve moved in that time frame and had graduations and weekend ski trips, but the last vacation the five of us took was Hawaii 9 years ago!

In May, in addition to moving, William and I are headed to Georgia so he can stand with one of his best friends as he marries the love of his life.  We’re also going to detour to Alabama to see William’s family for a bit.  It will be a beautiful month, I’m sure!

In June, my little gets married to the man that she has loved for longer than I’ve known her and I cannot wait to celebrate their love in the beautiful Coeur D’Alene , Idaho.  Sometime around the wedding, since William and I are turning it into a road trip, we’re going to visit Glacier National Park – a place I have loved since we first visited as a family in 2002!

The first 6 months of the year will no doubt fly by, as in addition to all of the fun listed above, I am looking for a job in Idaho.  It will be a JOY-filled 2015 and I cannot wait to see how each day unfolds.


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