Let’s Go Avs!

I had another wonderful weekend with William – what a great way to start our 2015!

He got in Thursday evening and we just had a low-key night at my parents where mama made a pot roast and then we went our for gelato and a quick trip to Trader Joe’s.  I had dulce de leche and grapefruit gelato – it was so good!

Friday we went to sushi with my friends Hannah & Chuck and then went to one of my favorite local coffee shops where we just sat and talked.  I love that I never run out of things to talk about with William, but at the same time how comfortable it is when we’re simply sitting together and there is no need to simply fill the air with incessant chatter.  I just love that our relationship is so grounded in communication.  The weather Friday was foggy, misty and just cold.  After our coffee date we hung out in my parents hot tub – perfect weather for it, but the hot tub didn’t feel hot because of how cold it was outside!

Saturday we got up early to go to breakfast at the same coffee shop and then headed home to meet up with mama, daddy and Rae to head to Denver for the afternoon.  We had tickets for the Colorado Avalanche versus Dallas Stars hockey game – what a fun time!  Our seats were way at the top of the Pepsi Center which gave us a great view of the entire game and the Avs won!  After the game my parents treated us all to dinner at Maggiano’s where I had a delicious peppercorn steak and creme brulee!  Saturday night William got to meet my brother’s girlfriend too – so now he’s met my entire immediate family!

Today we went to breakfast at a little diner I typically love, but today’s meal was just okay.  Guess I should stick to their omelettes or eggs benedict!  After breakfast we headed up to DIA because we figured there would be a lot of game day traffic with the Broncos versus Colts playoff game, but there wasn’t.  So when we got to DIA we hung out at a little restaurant, watched the Packers versus Cowboys game and had some snacks.  Sooner than I wanted it was time to say goodbye, but I am traveling to Idaho on Thursday so it’s not goodbye for long.

Tonight through Tuesday evening we’re supposed to get snow – welcome to winter in Colorado!  I’m excited for the week ahead, but really really thankful for a fun weekend with my best friend.


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