Idaho Weekend

Another wonderful weekend in Idaho with William.  I’m so ready for this to be an everyday statement instead of a weekend reflection once or twice a month.  Life is so much better with him and I am so tired of living six-hundred and forty-six miles apart.  I just want to stop saying “goodbye” & “see you soon” and instead be able to say, “see you after work” or “see you tonight.”

I flew in to Idaho on Thursday and we tried a Thai restaurant in town that was really good – my pad Thai was perfectly seasoned and even made awesome leftovers a few days later – a tough feat!

Friday I had a job interview all morning that I’m REALLY hopeful about.  I know I did my best and I feel like I connected well to the search committee and director, so we’ll see.  I know it’s a job that I would be great at and that I would enjoy doing.  Friday evening we met up with some friends to try a local wine bar and hear one of his co-worker’s band.  It was really fun and a great way to spend a Friday night.

Saturday we met up with some friends for some adventures at the local Nordic center.  The other couple tried cross-country skiing while William and I enjoyed snow shoeing.  We were the only ones on show shoes out there and really enjoyed our views, the fresh powder and having the trails to ourselves – it was a perfect secluded, winter date.  The weather was really warm and we were over dressed, especially with the sun shining and lack of wind, but it was such a fun couple hours of exploring!  After snow shoeing we went to my favorite pizza place and each finished a small pizza – our snow shoeing adventures made us hungrier than normal!  Dinner Saturday night was delicious – William grilled steak, I made mashed potatoes and fixed some green beans.  It was comfort food at it’s finest!  We also oped a bottle of garnacha wine which was delicious – between my love of mencia and now garnacha, I’m learning Spanish wines are definitely my favorite!

Sunday we had a low-key day at home filled with football and just enjoying each other’s company – it’s the kind of day that provides a glimpse into what it will be like when I move to Idaho and we’re doing day-to-day life together.  When you can simply enjoy being in the same room with another person and feel comfort in the other’s presence without the pressure for filling the air with conversation, I think you’ve found your person.  I just enjoy being with William so much and love him just being there.  I love when we go on our adventures and the ease that is talking with him about anything, but there truly is comfort in us simply being in the same place together, doing our own thing.

Monday we went to the local hot springs for the morning and enjoyed the hot pools, steam and just relaxing – our legs were still a little sore from our snow shoeing on Saturday!  After the hot springs we tried a local Mexican restaurant that was pretty good – neither the best nor the worst we’ve ever had, and we both decided we would go back again.  It’s the first Mexican we’ve had in Idaho and I would say we were pleasantly surprised with it.  After lunch we came home and watched the John Adams HBO mini-series which was so well done and made me excited to dive back into the book by David McCullough on which the mini-series was based.  For dinner William made some delicious fajita and home-made tortilla chips – it was delicious and we decided it would become a regular meal for us because it was also pretty easy.

Now I’m sitting in the Salt Lake airport waiting for my flight to Denver and wondering where in the world this weekend disappeared to.  It flew by far too fast and as of right now I won’t see William again until we’re boarding our flight to New York City over President’s Day weekend.  That feels like forever away and I wish it was as simple as seeing him after work tonight.  He is truly the best thing to ever happen to me and I’m so thankful we reconnected and fell in love.  He is my best friend and greatest love and I cannot wait to be with him everyday – I’m just hoping that everyday happens soon!


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