State of the Union

Last night was the State of the Union address.  It’s one of my favorite nights for television regardless of who is in office.  I majored in communication studies with an emphasis in rhetoric and minored in political science and history.  The SOTU address satisfies all of my nerdy interests in one package – I just truly love it.

As a fun twist, I figured why not give my “State of Sarah” update?

  • I have one month left before I turn twenty-six.  Twenty-five was a year of great change and growth and the first year I felt “settled” in adulthood and like I could really stand on my own two feet.
  • I am preparing to move from Colorado, where I have called home for the last 3.5 years, to Idaho to chase a new adventure.
  • I have found the love of my life and am the happiest I have ever been.
  • I am fulfilling a life-long dream in a month of  visiting New York City.
  • I am going to start a new job this year, and look forward to the opportunity to grow and learn a new world.
  • I have realized who my real friends are and that its okay for me to be able to count them on one hand.  It’s important to know who will be there for you through everything and who is simply with you for a season.
  • I have grown closer to my family and enjoyed meeting my boyfriend’s wonderful family!

The “State of Sarah” is really simple right now, but I look forward to seeing what 2015 holds and what 26 has in store.  I know it will be a fun year filled with travel, adventure, moving, growing, changing and enjoying the amazing life that I have with the beautiful people who are in it.


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