I got these questions from Hannah at The Art in Life.

Making: my to-do list for the weekend.
Cooking: planning to make baked chicken, broccoli and sweet potato fries for supper.
Drinking: water. lots and lots of water.
Reading: John Adams by David McCollough.
Wanting: to hear about the job I interviewed for last week.
Looking: at orange accessories and yummy sounding recipes.
Playing: the “jazz for reading” playlist on songza.
Wasting: coffee. Β lately, i’ve only been able to drink half a cup.
Sewing: nothing. although, I’d love to learn to crochet.
Wishing: that I knew when I’ll be making the move to Idaho.
Enjoying: the two late starts we have had this week, and the warm weather that’s to come this weekend and next week.
Waiting: to hear about the job. Β can you tell what’s on my mind?
Liking: that snow delays mean jeans days at work.
Wondering: what 2015 has in store.
Loving: the desire I have to deep clean and purge unnecessary belongings in my life.
Hoping: that I hear about the job today or tomorrow.
Marveling: at how beautiful this city is covered in snow.
Needing: to become more minimalistic.
Smelling: the leave wall plug in that’s at my desk at work.
Wearing: navy corduroy pants – no work pants are cozier than cords.
Following: the she reads truth study on the book of john.
Noticing: how much simpler and cleaner it is to have less.
Knowing: that even if I don’t get the job, I did my best and was myself through the whole process.
Thinking: about my to-do list for the weekend.
Feeling: peaceful.
Bookmarking: recipes.


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