This weekend I am focused on purging my life of clutter.  That means sorting through my closet and pulling out clothes that don’t fit well or that I haven’t worn in the last six months and bagging them for Goodwill.  That means sorting through my books and only keeping my most precious ones, while the rest will be taken to the library on Monday.  That means going through everything I own and trying to cut it all down significantly.  I want to purge through a majority of belongings before I sell my furniture and pack my car to move to Idaho.  It’s almost forcing me to start from scratch in a way, and I’m finding it brings me a lot of peace to be going through this process.  It’s like a massive spring cleaning, and I haven’t been this selective about what to keep and what to say goodbye to in at least four years, so it’s really refreshing.  It also makes me all the more anxious to say goodbye to Colorado and this chapter of my life and hello to Idaho and the next.  I am feeling very anxious this weekend as I wait to hear back about whether the job I interviewed for a week ago is mine or not.  This purging exercise is a great distraction and helps me feel more prepared to be in a place to move either now or in May.  It’s also helping me evaluate why I am holding on to things and how freeing it is to say goodbye to things that are no longer important.  It reminds me of the purges we’d do every time we moved growing up to prepare us for the better things to come in our new home.  & I’m ready for my new home to be official.


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