February 1

I love grocery shopping and meal planning for the week.  I like the structure it gives me and I like being able to plan for some of my favorite foods and recipes to enjoy for the next week or two.  I did a big grocery shop on Friday to get me through until I leave for New York on the twelfth.  I thought I’d share what my meal plan is for the next week and half.

For breakfast I made some egg muffins that are really tasty!  They have ham, mushrooms, chives, parsley, spinach and pepper in them!  I’ll also have an orange or an apple and a bombshell spell which is just pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar and a little bit of honey.  When my egg muffins are gone, I’ll have some oatmeal in the morning with coconut milk and a little bit of honey.

For my morning snack I bought enough grapefruit to have one every day.

For lunch, I will be having spinach salads full of bell peppers, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms and zucchini with a seasoned chicken breast.

For my afternoon snack I got a humus quad from Trader Joes to enjoy with baby carrots, bell peppers and zucchini.

For dinner I have salmon or chicken to enjoy with broccoli, green beans or asparagus.

I also picked up some dark chocolate to have a piece for dessert each night if I need something sweet.

I’m excited to enjoy all the fresh produce I have in my fridge and even more excited for all the delicious food we’ll have in New York – tapas, French, Chinese, brunch, etc.

I’m a foodie and I’m blessed with a man who is an amazing chef, so it’s always a bummer to be in Colorado and have to cook for myself.  As much as I love being in the kitchen and trying new recipes, I love when William cooks much more!  I am excited to play with my spice cabinet to change-up the salmon and chicken flavors every day and add variety to my nightly green vegetables.

On a related note, my sister gave me a beautiful cookbook for Christmas that I have a goal to cook through this year.  I love trying new recipes.  Do you have any favorites to share?


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