NYC Packing List

All that is consuming my thoughts lately is our trip to New York next week.  I’m constantly daydreaming about what we’ll be doing and of course, what I’ll be wearing, so I thought I’d layout my thought process today.  Temperatures are predicted to be in the twenties and thirties, and east coast cold is always way “wetter” than mountain west cold.

Thursday:  This is our travel day, so I will probably be in thick leggings or yoga pants, an oversize cream sweater, my snow boots and a scarf.  I’ll also have my coat.

Friday: We’re planning on brunch, Central Park and the Natural History Museum followed by a tapas dinner.  For our day activities, I’m planning to wear some dark-wash skinny jeans and a light gray turtleneck sweater with my snow boots.  I’ll also have my beautiful blue coat and red leather gloves.  For supper, I’m planning to wear my red sweater dress, tights and either some booties or nicer boots – whichever fits better in my suitcase!

Saturday: We’re planning on visiting Teddy Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site in the morning and then I’m not sure where the afternoon will take us!  That night, we are going to see Emma Stone’s final night performance of Cabaret!  I am planning to wear gray jeans and a dark purple crewneck sweater with my snow boots.  I’m also going to wear a mustard colored floral scarf and my same blue coat and red gloves.  For our show that night, I am planning to wear my new purple floral dress, black tights and whatever nicer pair of shoes I wore the night before.

Sunday: We’re planning to go to either 9:00 or 10:15 mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and then head to Brooklyn for some pizza at Juliana’s near the Brooklyn Bridge.  After lunch, I think we’re going to head to Wall Street to visit Federal Hall National Memorial and explore the area.  I am planning to wear one of my jeans and the cream version of the purple sweater from Saturday.

Monday: This is another travel day, so I’ll wear my travel clothes again once we get to the airport and probably jeans with that sweater around the city in the morning.  I just hate flying in jeans!

I’m SO excited for this trip and cannot wait for all the adventures we’ll have!

If you’ve been to New York in the winter, what are your must have clothing essentials?  Where is your favorite place to grab a bagel and hot coffee?  What museum should I add to our list?


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