Making: A cup of mint melange tea from Trader Joes.
Cooking: Tonight I think I’m going to make more of my herb-crusted chicken I’ve had the last two nights and a baked sweet potato.
Drinking: Water & Diet Coke.
Reading: John Adams by David McCollough.
Wanting: My tax return to be deposited in my bank account.
Looking: At more NYC museums.
Playing: Legendary Vintage Film Scores from Songza.
Wasting: Time.
Wishing: That it was a week in the future – I’m ready to be with William in NYC.
Enjoying: The heat from my desk heater.
Waiting: For an invoice to come through so I can process it.
Liking: That Harper Lee has a new book being published this year, Go Set A Watchman.
Wondering: Why I haven’t heard about the job in Idaho.
Loving: The beautiful forecast this week!
Hoping: That my tax refund is deposited soon.
Needing: Caffeine. Β I’ve had the worst headaches lately and caffeine seems to work better than Tylenol.
Smelling: My mint tea.
Wearing: Black dress pants, a coral short sleeve sweater & black pumps.
Feeling: Thankful that I got to talk to my Grammy last night.
Bookmarking: Recipes from Darling Magazine.


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