This post was inspired by Hillary and looked like an easy post for the day.

1. Something you will…
refuse to do for the rest of your life: become a smoker. Never once in my life has the idea of smoking been appealing and I don’t see that ever-changing – I 100% agree with Hillary on this answer!

always do forever: take bubble baths to relax!

2. Something you think is…
certifiably disgusting: when my skin is dry and flaky in the winter or I’ve been horribly sunburned and am peeling in the summer.

absolutely amazing: how great a pamper session can make you feel.

3. A Song you Always…
turn off immediately: Rude.

belt out the lyrics to: Don’t Stop Believing.

4. Something people say about you that…
you know isn’t true: that I’m cold.  I’m just reserved and an internal processor.  Sometimes that can read as cold, but it’s so far from the truth!

you think is absolutely on point: that I would do anything for the people I love.

5. A name you…
are thankful your parents didn’t give you: something difficult to pronounce or spell. While I may know many, many other women named Sarah Elizabeth, it’s kind of fun having our own “club” of sorts.

absolutely adore: Genevieve.  I’ve loved it since I was little and read the Madeline book series.  I also had a great-aunt Genevieve on my maternal grandfather’s side of the family.


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