What a relaxing weekend!  The weather the last 72 hours has been AMAZING!!!

Yesterday I did a lot of deep cleaning and errand running.

Then Rae and I got together for a girls day after she got off work.  We went to Sephora so I could find a new lipstick and lip gloss and get my VIB birthday gift.  Then we went and got a manicure and pedicure at our favorite nail salon, where Rae paid for my manicure as an early birthday present!  After we got our nails done we went to supper at Texas Roadhouse and they cooked my steak perfectly.  We also had great people watching with a bunch of high school kids there before a dance.  After supper we stopped by Kohl’s to kill some time before heading to see American Sniper.  It was a full and busy day spent with one of my favorite people!

Today, I finished up my loads of laundry before heading to my parents where I made some chocolate chip cookies for William for our flight on Thursday!  I also caught up on some television from the week before running errands with my mom.  I got a great deal when we stopped at Bath & Body Works to visit my sister where I got two of the triple-moisture cream lotions and a travel size shower gel for $7!  Normally those lotions are $12.50 a piece!  After errand-running with mama we came back to the house to hang out before I headed home for the night.

It was a great weekend and I know the next 72 hours are going to fly by – then I’ll be heading to DIA Thursday morning to meet up with William for our weekend in New York!  I am so excited for our trip and that it will be such a cold and snowy weekend – perfect for museum exploration and I’ve always dreamed of seeing Central Park in the snow!

How was your weekend?


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