What a crazy Monday!  Today was just a packed day from the moment my feet touched the floor this morning.  The highlight of the day was when my team took me out to lunch at Bourbon Brothers for a delicious strawberry-spinach salad to celebrate my having worked for our nonprofit for three years.  I truly love the people I work with, even if I get frustrated with overarching policies and stances sometimes.  It was a successful morning with the completion of a report on the recommendation to terminate a program submitted to my VP.

After work, Hannah came over to watch The Bachelor like we do almost every Monday.  Thank goodness Chris sent both crazy Kelsey and Kardashley home – good riddance!  I didn’t like the way the other girls handled the news they were both sent home, but then I don’t particularly care for how this season’s girls handle much of anything.  The show is always filled with immature individuals, but this year feels like a whole other level of immaturity.  Oh, well.  It makes for good TV when they all show their crazy and as someone who loves people watching, it’s great!

Only two more days of work this week and then Thursday morning I’ll be New York bound!


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