Yesterday I turned another year older and officially entered into the latter half of my twenties.

I am so excited for the adventures and opportunities this year will bring and seeing how I grow over the next year.

I was absolutely spoiled by the people in my life and feel so incredibly loved!  I also loved that we had a snow day – when do non-teachers ever get full snow days?  It was an awesome surprise!

I celebrated with my family on Sunday, when I went to my parents’ house.  Mama made brussel sprouts and yams and apple crisp – three of my favorite foods!  We also watched the Oscars red carpet together and then the actual award ceremony.  It was fun to see a fellow Griz alumni win the first award of the night and to just relax with my parents as the snow continued to fall outside.  I stayed the night, and my dad dropped me off at home early Monday morning on his way to the airport.

Getting the closure email as soon as I got home was wonderful – it allowed me to take an early morning nap before starting my day!  I was able to talk to William and my grandparents in the morning and felt very, very loved which is the perfect way to start the day!  I met one of my friends and her husband around 1 to walk to our closest Starbucks which was a fun adventure, now that the snow had stopped and the sun was out!  That night, the three of us went to Chick-fil-a for supper, where she convinced the staff to sing me Happy Birthday and give me one of the cow hats – it was so funny!  After supper, she came over to watch The Bachelor like we do every Monday.  It was a great low-key birthday that could have only been made better if I’d gotten to spend it with William.

Going into work this morning (after a two-hour delay!) was such a sweet treat because my co-workers had decorated my cubicle with white pom-poms and yellow flags and white and yellow balloons – it was so thoughtful for them to have truly put me into the decorations and used my favorite color!

I have a feeling twenty-six will be the best year yet!  There is so much joy and love surrounding me and so many fun events to look forward to this year, where I get to love on family and friends and be filled with joy for them!  I am excited for the next 364 days and what each day will hold!


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