Wedding Wednesday

So, what no one tells you about being engaged is the number of questions people have about the wedding.  I’ve always been the girl that dreams about what I want in my marriage, not anything specific about the wedding day – other than being surrounded by family and a day filled with love.  I laugh when I talk to friends who had the entire day planned out before they were engaged and therefore already have everything squared away!

William and I are making good progress though.

We have a date.

We have a location.

We’re talking with the manager at the venue on Friday.

We know the suit that William and his dad will wear.

We’ve put out feelers to a few photographers, and I think I know which one I want to use.

We reached out to a baker regarding cake.   I would love to do a naked cake – I find them so much prettier than a cake with a lot of frosting or fondant.  William is thinking he wants a mint chocolate chip grooms cake.

I’ve set up two appointments to try on wedding dresses and I hope I can just make a decision that day.

I’ve created a pinterest board with what I love in regards to flowers, colors, textures, food, etc. so we’ll see if we can make them happen.  I want to use white and grey pumpkins as centerpieces and very earthy colors for the florals – creams, greenery, blush, purple/gray berries, and deep yellow.

I think we have an idea of a dress for my single bridesmaid, my sister. It’s a dusty purple – the same color as the berries I like for the bouquets.

We’re hoping that we can do a mimosa and bloody mary bar and a brunch reception with omelettes or waffles or something.

My friend (who just got engaged on Saturday!) is going to help me design simple invitations that we can print through our print shop.  I want them very classic and simple – reminiscent of my parents’ and grandparents’ invitations.

We’re making good progress on this whole planning adventure, although I am really looking forward to October 11 – when I wake up next to my best friend as his wife.  I’m excited to celebrate with people who love us and have our intimate brunch and a fun weekend, but I most look forward to creating a marriage I’m proud of with the love of my life.


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