What a Week!

Wow, what a crazy week I’ve had!

Last Thursday I flew in for a weekend in Idaho and a pretty crummy travel day with delayed flights and crowded shuttles, but all was better when I stepped off the shuttle and into William’s arms.  It is the most comforting and special place in the world for me.  He surprised me by picking up Thai from our favorite little place and had golden tofu, spring rolls, tofu pad thai and he had a tofu curry – it was so tasty and the perfect supper after a long day!  We watched The Way while we ate and I loved that movie – I can’t wait to do the El Camino de Santiago with William one day.

Friday morning we got up and met our realtor to look at homes before grabbing lunch at the country club and talking to the manager about our wedding in October!  That night we put an offer in on the cutest house that was built in 1939 but is completely renovated.  Friday night I made an alfredo broccoli casserole that we both loved and was a great supper for a cold winter night.

Saturday we participated in a charity put-put tournament at various bars in town with some friends – we were the only team who didn’t complete our 18 holes because we just made it to 7!  People started doing shots at the first bar and just got a little too drunk a little too fast to finish our golfing.  That afternoon we received a counter-offer from the sellers and accepted!  We also had a friend over for supper and wine and just good friend time.  I made a new quinoa and mushroom dish for dinner and it was really good!  Definitely a recipe to keep!

Sunday we had lunch with friends and then that night had an engagement party with other friends – it was a very full day, but a fun day.

Monday I had an impromptu interview and hung out in William’s office while he taught class before we grabbed lunch at a great little pizza place and then dropped me off to catch my shuttle back to the airport.  It was another TOUGH travel day, but I finally made it home by 2:00 Tuesday morning.

Tuesday was a LONG day, so I went home at noon to take a nap that afternoon.  That night I went to a great gluten-free restaurant in town with my roomies where I had a Cajun shrimp crepe that was fantastic!  The roommate who owns our home treated the other two of us to dinner to celebrate our birthdays which was so sweet of her!  I got home from supper to an email offering me a job from the impromptu job interview I had Monday morning!

Today I spoke with my director and VP and accepted the job offer!  I start my new job on March 30!  SO SOON!!!

2015 is off to a crazy start and in the last month I’ve gotten engaged to my best friend, celebrated a birthday, bought a house with my fiance and accepted a new job.  I am so excited by the abundant blessings and joy 2015 is offering so far.  I feel so lucky to be given all these wonderful gifts and opportunities and feel so much love around me.

I know I say it all the time, but I truly feel that William is the best thing to ever happen to me and I have never experienced so much love and joy and friendship until he and I got together.  He just makes life better and I am so happy that we get to do every day life together forever.  I could not ask for a better friend, love or partner to do life with.


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