This weekend my mama and I made moves! We bought my wedding dress, veil and shoes.

I had such a fun day Saturday hanging out with her, even if she was completely unhelpful in most of her opinions – she loved everything.  I guess it’s a blessing that she knows me so well though, and pulled beautiful dresses from the racks.

We went to two salons and I had a very different experience at each.  I LOVED my consultant at the first shop – I feel like we connected well and the dresses she pulled for me, ended up being my two favorite at that store.  I also met the in-store tailor and the owner who were both so incredibly sweet and helpful and gave great feedback regarding our concerns about the two dresses.  While I loved two very different dresses there, I just wasn’t confident enough to say yes to either one, so mama & I left with the ability to call back later that day or on Sunday if we decided that one of those two dresses was it.

We had an hour before I our next appointment, so we decided to grab some chick fil a lemonade and talk about what we liked about the two dresses from that store and what we didn’t.

The second appointment, I didn’t click as well with my consultant.  She seemed a bit distracted and asked a lot of the same questions multiple times.  I felt like she didn’t understand as well what we were looking for, as the first appointment made it very clear what style dress mama & I gravitated towards.  She was very helpful in pulling accessories to make a dress look different and was super sweet, I just didn’t feel as comfortable with her.

However, I ended up with a dress I pulled from the racks at the second appointment.  I gravitated towards it quickly and thought it would be fun to try on, but didn’t think it would be it.  When I put the dress on, it fit like a glove.  The only minor alteration that needs to made is in the bust.  It is not at all what I thought I would end up with, but I know it’s the dress I’m so excited to wear when William and I are celebrating our love with our friends and family.

One of my favorite parts of the dress is the heart of the owner of the boutique where we found my dress. She designed it herself and a portion of the proceeds from the dress go to SakSaum – “an organization dedicated to the rescue, restoration, transformation and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited women and men” – how cool is that?!  I love that by buying the dress I am marrying the love of my life in, I am helping people who are coming out of exploitative histories.  I love that Mindi made philanthropy a cornerstone of her store and her own designs!

Sunday, we went shoe shopping and found the shoes – so my ensemble for October 10 is checked off the running list of things to do for the wedding.

Today, we’re going to the same boutique where we found my dress to choose a bridesmaid dress for my sister to wear as my maid of honor.  I love that the three of us girls are all able to go together.

I also got a pricing quote from the photographer I hope to work with, so hopefully today Mama and I can put a deposit down and secure that.

Tonight I’m going over to Becca & Jason’s for The Bachelor finale, and he was speaking with his boss today, so hopefully we have our pastor by the end of the day too!


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