Less than two weeks left in the office I’ve worked in for the last three years.  I am so ready for my next adventure and challenge with my new job, but the amount of work to do before I leave is overwhelming.  I need to close down one project well by end of day Friday and assemble all of the needed information for the appropriate hand-off for all of my other projects to my co-worker before I take my boxes from my cube and turn in my badge.  I could not be more excited to make my move to Idaho, but I want to finish well where I am.

The thought of all that needs to be done in my personal life before the move is crazy too!  We’re still working on tracking down my car title that the DMV lost in September and I have to sell my furniture.  Whatever i cannot fit in two cars, or in my suitcases when I fly there on the 29 of March, will be given away.  Trying to sort through what I want to keep and what I can part with is a big undertaking, but one that will force me to evaluate what I want to bring into my life in Idaho and marriage with William.

I am also trying to get together for last-minute hang-outs with my friends so that we can say goodbye and have fun together.  It just doesn’t leave a lot of time in my day to recharge.  Please don’t hear this as me complaining in the slightest, I am just processing all that I need to do to say goodbye to Colorado and hello to Idaho in the most fluid transition possible.

Before the move takes place, I am also spending a week with my parents and siblings in Florida – our Christmas present from this past year.  I am so excited to be the five of us and spend some good quality time together before I move away from them and begin my new life with my fiance.

My brain doesn’t want to turn off – I keep remembering things I need to do in a very scattered order, so my pen and notebook have become inseparable from my person, so that I can try to keep everything straight.

The move happens on the 29th and I begin my new job on the 30th, then we’ll drive back down in April to pick up the rest of my stuff and my car and officially close the post-undergraduate Colorado chapter of my life.

Idaho, I cannot wait to be a resident and see what the next stage of my life holds!


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