Girly Weekend

Two weeks to the day until I make my move to Idaho!  I am so very very excited!

This weekend was full of girl time with my friends and it filled my heart that everyone wanted to spend time together before I move.

Friday night my work girls, roommates, sister and mama threw me a small party where we celebrated all of the big changes in my life – the engagement, the move, the new job, our new house.  It was fun to spend time with them and laugh so hard my stomach hurt the next morning!  We had fondue – a jarlesburg, a cranberry cheddar, a tiramisu and a white chocolate butterscotch.  We also had great music on the record player and good wine.  It was just a fun night with some dear friends.  They surprised me and got me gifts, even though I had asked them not to; a Target gift card (as a housewarming gift), a Victoria Secret gift card (as an engagement gift), a monogrammed cheese board and the movie The Proposal.  I am so grateful for their friendship and love and had a wonderful time!

Saturday afternoon I went to see Cinderella with my sister and friend, Hannah.  It was so well done and I really enjoyed it!  I love that it repeatedly told the audience to have courage and be kind.  What a beautiful message and something I whole-heartedly agree with and believe in.  After the movie, my sister came with me to purchase mine & William’s wedding bands.  Another item taken care of.  I am so incredibly excited for William to be my husband and buying his ring made me look forward to the day that I get to give it to him and say our vows to each other.

Saturday night I had a girls night with three of the women I serve with on the advisory board for the local collegiate chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta.  It was a fun night of friendship and movie watching and good food.  We had a grilled chicken and berry salad, various cheeses, stuffed mushrooms, spanakopata, m&m bars and moscato.  I really enjoy these women and hope our friendship continues even after my move.

Today was a day of laundry, sorting for Goodwill and packing.  I also went to my parents to get addresses for our invitation excel document and to spend time with my family.  Mama made some delicious chicken, couscous and brussel sprouts for supper.

It was a wonderful weekend of good food, great people and working towards closing out this Colorado chapter of my life.  I just wish I had one more day off to make more progress with packing and sorting and errand running.

14 days until I move to Idaho to be with my best friend and the love of my life.  I cannot wait!

6 days until spring break with my family in Florida.  SO much to do before then!


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