My emotions are truly all over the place this week, but especially today.

I am thrilled to pieces and so incredibly excited for my move to Idaho.

I am nervous about my new job because there is no job descriptions or measures of success established yet, so it’s difficult to even begin thinking of ideas of what I’d like to accomplish.  It’ll be a great challenge and it’s one I’m looking forward to, but it’s still difficult to think through not knowing what it will look like exactly…

I still feel overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to complete by Friday both personally and for work.

I am shocked and disappointed that none of my furniture has had any interest in… I can’t afford to just give it all away, but I also can’t afford to move it.  I feel stuck and unsure of what to do on this front.

I’m disappointed that because this week is so busy, my goodbye lunch for today had to be cancelled.

I’m disappointed by today’s terrible rainy, misty, cold weather that makes being outside miserable.

I am excited for our trip to Florida, but anxious about the timing.

I hate that my final paycheck must be picked up in person, but the next time I’ll be in Colorado in person on a week day won’t be until late April, and even then I may not be.

I’m just not feeling myself right now between my stress and trying to be the person I want to be and to handle this time with grace, empathy, gratefulness and joy.  But all I really want is a sunny day to take care of moving things and time to do so.

Extra time would be the most precious gift.


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