I am absolutely giddy with excitement right now.

I am just so thankful for all of the good in my life and how joyful 2015 is proving to be!

  • I leave for Florida on Saturday
  • I move to Idaho in 10 days
  • I start a new job that I’m REALLY excited about in 11 days
  • Easter is in two weeks
  • The week after Easter we’re driving to Colorado to pick up my car and boxes
  • One of William’s friends is coming to visit the next weekend
  • We take our engagement pictures on May 16
  • My sister is coming to visit Memorial Day weekend
  • We’re going to Alabama & Georgia for a wedding and time with family
  • My little is getting married in gorgeous Coeur D’Alene
  • We’re going to Bari, Italy – my first time leaving North America & needing a passport
  • We’re going to Seattle to celebrate William’s 30th birthday
  • We’re getting married in my most favorite month of the year

There is just so much happiness already on our calendar to look forward to!  I feel so incredibly grateful for how peaceful and wonderful and joyful the last year of my life has been and how this year is looking to continue.


One thought on “Excited

  1. Lots of big things coming up!! We’re name twins too!! Can’t wait to see what your new life/locale is going to bring!! Congrats on your upcoming marriage!!


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