Today I realized how important this little piece of the internet is.  It keeps me connected to friends and family I don’t talk to every day.  It allows William to see a part of my brain or heart or soul that I don’t recognize as being anything significant until he asks where that day’s blog post is.  It has become one of our ways of communication through the period of our long-distance.  This space is where I am able to process my emotions; as an internal processor, sometimes I have difficulty verbalizing how I’m feeling or why I’m feeling a particular emotion, but if I’m given the opportunity to write it out, it becomes easier to then verbalize over the phone later.

Today was also a crazy day – there is so much to be done in such a short amount of time and it will continue to feel slightly overwhelming until it’s over.  Tomorrow is my last day in the office that I have worked in every week day for the last three years.  It amazes me how much I’ve grown and changed in that time.  Over lunch, my sister and I went and got our nails done at our favorite nail salon and the staff were so sweet in telling me to pop in and say hello next time I’m in town – our family has been going to them since they opened five or six years ago.  Finishing up projects and my to-do lists for work, in addition to telling people good-bye has been emotionally exhausting and just made this a really long week, where I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot.  Tonight I sold my couch to my mo’s best friend, went with my dad to drop his truck off at Nissan, and did a run to donate to Goodwill.

Tomorrow I have two appointments in the morning and am working in the afternoon.  Tomorrow I have to clear out my cubicle too.  I also have a few more Goodwill trips ahead and a ton of packing to do before we leave for Florida early Saturday morning.  I am excited to have this time of transition behind me and be able to relax and look forward to all of the exciting things I talked about yesterday, but especially to look forward to being with William and beginning to do life together every day insead of once or twice a month.  I am so excited to get through the next twenty-four hours and move forward to the future.


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