It’s Official!

The move to Idaho officially happened last Sunday! It makes me so happy that long-distance is over and that we’re able to do small things like eat lunch together and clean up after supper together.  Such simple daily moments, but ones that are so precious to me after only seeing each other a couple days a month.

Monday was my first day at my new job which is temporary for now, but will hopefully become full-time in July when the new fiscal year begins.  I hate that its temporary for now, but I am going to do my best to show my value and why this position is important, so that even if it falls through with the new budget, I’ll have a made a difference in my time in the role.  It seems like it will be a really great opportunity for personal development and educational growth, while building on my existing assets and abilities – its a position that really excites me!

Wednesday night I caught a stomach virus that had me down for the count until Thursday night when we went to hear two of our friends speak at a local humanities cafe event; I didn’t feel fully human again until Friday afternoon, but well enough to get out and moving again.  Friday evening William caught the same virus and has been trying to recover since then.

I hate that I made him sick and have been doing everything I can think of and know how to do to help him feel better, but I feel so powerless.  So, I’ve been deep cleaning our apartment to try and rid it of the germs that may be lingering – switching out toothbrushes, washing all linens, lysoling everywhere I can.  I just want to kick this bug out of our house!

The cleaning also has a dual purpose of getting us ready to host our friends for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final game party.  I’m thinking we’ll make crock-pot buffalo chicken, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, chips & salsa and hummus & veggies.  Have a good mix of snack foods, healthy foods, and a hearty meal so everyone is hopefully satisfied and full.  I’m excited to have everyone over to watch the game and hang out – it should be a lot of fun!


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