This past weekend William and I drove down to Colorado to collect my car and things and spend a few hours with my family before driving back to Idaho.  It was a good weekend that was somehow relaxing even in the midst of the craziness of moving and long drives.

Friday started with a work meeting for both of us and then we hit the road around noon.  The drive took us about 11 hours when all was said and done.  On the drive I finished Still Alice which was beautiful and heartbreaking simultaneously.  I cried reading about graduation and her having no idea where she was or why she was there.  I can’t wait to watch the movie and see if I love it as much as I enjoyed the book.  We both love Fort Collins, so driving through Colorado meant we had to stop for dinner Friday night at a great Colorado pizza place, Beaujo’s.  It was nice to take a break from driving, enjoy some good food and decompress before the final two hour drive.  Saturday morning we woke up at my parents and headed to my house to pack up and clean.  That afternoon we came back to my parents with two full cars to watch the Masters before heading to an Irish pub with some of my dad’s friends for supper and a live band.  It was a full day, but much less stressful than I anticipated it would be – William and I brought everything outside then while I was cleaning the bathroom, William and my mom packed our cars, then they helped me finish dusting and vacuuming before turning in my key.  Sunday, William and I hit the road around 7:30 and stopped for breakfast in Cheyenne before driving through 50+ MPH winds across the south-west part of the state – it was an intense day of driving, but we made it home safely and have everything unpacked and put away.

Monday morning we met with a candidate for an opening at work for breakfast before a full day in the office.  Today I had a meeting with other people around campus who have my same position – it was really helpful to know the team I’m a part of across campus.  This is week three in my new role and I am growing more confident of what expectations are and understanding my job capacities.  I am so excited for all of the opportunities I will have to learn, to grow, to implement and to be creative in my new role.  It makes me so appreciative of my mentors and friends whose wisdom and experience has been shared with me over the years and the books I’ve read.  I can;t wait to learn more and become the best I possibly can in this role.  I am trying to prove my necessity, so that this opportunity morphs into a full-time role in July.

This weekend, William’s friend is coming into town and I think we’re headed to Jackson for a day, which will be beautiful and so much fun.  I’m excited to get to know his friend better too, since I know his friendship means a lot to William.

I feel excited in so many ways right now about where my life is headed and how I’m choosing to spend it.  I am just so thankful for William and his love and his care for me that was evidenced this weekend with our long drive and moving during the weekend of the Masters and being in Colorado the weekend the Cubs were in town playing the Rockies – but he skipped watching almost all of that for me and to me, that was a gesture of love and one that I appreciate whole heartedly.


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