We spent this past weekend with one of William’s friends from Alabama who came to visit.

Friday evening we picked him up from the airport in Salt Lake and stopped at In-N-Out for supper before finishing the drive home.  That night we met some friends at a local brewery to hear one of our colleague’s band play.  It was a fun way to spend a Friday night – I especially enjoyed watching the crowd swing dance to every song regardless of the genre or style or tempo of the song.

Saturday morning we slept in before heading to breakfast at our favorite local diner.  After breakfast we hit the road for Jackson, Wyoming.  We were only planning to spend the day, but after hanging out at the brewery for a couple hours decided to spend the night.  We drove around and parked along various parts of Grand Tetons National Park that were open and explored the visitor center.  It was such a beautiful day to explore what William and I like to think of as “our” national park.  After the park, we went to the brewery for a few drinks, but ended up staying for several hours, eating supper and playing Foosball.  After we left the brewery we checked into our hotel before heading to a Thai restaurant that also brews their own beer.  After a couple drinks, we headed to a bar where there was dancing and jenga and stayed until they shut down around 2.  When we got back to the hotel, we all decided we wanted to get in the hot tub and pool before calling it a night around 3.

Sunday morning we slept in until check-out time and grabbed breakfast and coffee at Starbucks before heading home.  We got home around 2, watched some play-off hockey and basketball, took naps and then went to supper at McKenzie River.  This was my first time being disappointed at McKenzie River; they were out of gluten-free crust and when I ordered a Caesar salad, I wasn’t asked which size I wanted or if I would like any meat on my salad and it just wasn’t as great as it normally is.  After supper we headed home where we caught up on this week’s episodes of Game of Thrones and Silicone Valley before calling it a night.

This morning we dropped our friend off at the local airport so he could rent a car for his drive to Denver to continue his vacation.

This weekend flew by, but it was a fun weekend and makes me excited for the ever warmer weather so we can get out and hike and explore more often in both our town and the surrounding towns, parks and forests.  It also makes me excited for May when we are going to Jackson to take our engagement pictures!


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