Growing up as a military dependent, I am grateful I’ve been to a good percentage of the 50 states, so when I read These United States on P!nk Persistence, I had to mimic that style post for myself.


I lived in Alabama in third & ninth grade.  I loved it there; the friends I had, the opportunities I was a part of, the community we had around us.




I have driven through Arkansas and had a few rest stops as we moved cross-country.



I attended kindergarten, first grade, second grade and tenth grade in Colorado Springs.  My family also moved there a week after I graduated high school.  It’s where I moved when I graduated college and where my parents and siblings still are.  I grew up a lot in Colorado.



Traveling between Northern Virginia/DC and New Jersey, we would stop in Delaware.


I’ve been on many family vacations in Florida – Disney World multiple times, Universal Studios, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Cocoa Beach.  Florida is filled with fun memories over the years from my 5th birthday through the trip we went on this past March.


My Uncle Reg and cousin Luke live in Georgia.  I haven’t been to visit them in a decade, but I have been to Atlanta since then.  Georgia to me is family, good food and relaxation.


I went to Oahu, Hawaii for my senior trip in high school.  It was beautiful!  I loved the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor, the shopping, the beaches, the fresh fish.  It was a great trip – and who doesn’t love seeing Christmas lights on palm trees?


I currently live in Idaho with William and love it!  Idaho is where we are building our home and our life.  It is where we see ourselves putting down our shared roots and spending the foreseeable future.  I love exploring this beautiful state and seeing the vast differences from the pacific northwest feel of the northern part of the state to the arid, high desert of the southern half of the state.  Taking advantage of all the amazing outdoor activities for each season is something I’m looking forward to!  Idaho is love, my future and my life.  I am proud to cal this state home and to build my life with my partner here.


We have also driven through Illinois many times in our cross country moves.  I remember one year due to construction, we got lost in Chicago and ended up with a 2 hour detour!


Another one of our drive through states.  I remember lots of beautiful midwest farmland.



Being Colorado’s neighbor, we drove through Kansas many times.  I also spent some time in Kansas when I went to Kansas City for a MOPs convention with my previous employer.





Crab cakes.  To me, Maryland is delicious food and Ocean City beach.  It is Annapolis and Baltimore and weekend trips with my family when we lived in Northern Virginia.



Growing up, my cousins lived in Michigan – some still do.  My memories of Michigan are staying at my aunt’s house and getting ice cream from an ice cream truck.


Oh, Minnesota.  Living in North Dakota, we drove through Minnesota and I remember stopping in Minneapolis and how big the city felt compared to all the farm country we’d spent the earlier part of the day in.


We were staying in Mississippi on our move from Alabama to Colorado when I heard the news that president Reagan had passed away.  It is such a clear memory to me – we were in the breakfast nook of our hotel filling our plates with biscuits & gravy and fruit and the anchor woman said that Reagan had passed away.  The air in the room went from lively to quiet so everyone could listen to the news talk about Reagan and his life.  That is my memory of Mississippi.


Kansas City was such a fun getaway – a conference and a weekend with my best friend.  It was a great place to explore and enjoy good barbecue.  I also have a lot of extended relatives in Missouri as my Grandma Betty grew up there and her siblings and their kids stayed in state.


I lived in Montana for six years – 2005-2011.  I grew up a lot in Montana.  You change as a person between junior year of high school and graduating college.  Montana is the first state that felt like home to me.  I put down roots in a way I hadn’t allowed myself to before.  Even though I had some challenging experiences in Montana, I also had some wonderful adventures.  Montana will always be special to me.


Nebraska is another drive through state, with an overnight in Omaha.


New Hampshire

New Jersey

My mom’s sister and her family live in New Jersey.  Growing up, we’d go stay with them for beach trips or family get togethers.  The last time all of my maternal cousins were together was in New Jersey in 2001.  I love visiting that side of my family and find the part of New Jersey they live in beautiful.  We always go out on their boat, spend time on the boardwalk and just enjoy the salty air.

New Mexico

New Mexico to me is competing at Bands of America qualifiers sophomore year of high school the week after state.  I remember getting miserably sick on the bus ride home and missing celebrating Halloween because of it.  I remember the beautiful sunset as we were doing our final round exhibition in the competition.

New York

I first visited New York earlier this year when William took me to New York City.  It was the best weekend with William and Laura exploring a city I had so long dreamed about.  New York to me will always be love.

North Carolina

Family vacations were also had in North Carolina when we were living in Virginia.  North Carolina was also a drive through state whenever we were headed further south.

North Dakota

I was born in North Dakota and spent seventh and eighth grade there.  I did a lot of theater in North Dakota and learned how terrible I am at basketball and volleyball.  I also learned that I am mediocre, but constantly besting myself in swimming and track.  I babysat at every opportunity.  I spent 9/11 terrified because we had just moved from Northern Virginia where my dad worked at the Pentagon and the base we lived on was shut down, so I was stuck off base in a bus.  I learned to play the tenor saxophone in North Dakota and had a fantastic English teacher who poured into my love of books and writing.


Ohio is another drive through state, but where I remember my dad teaching us about the history of aviation.


Another drive through state.  It’s also where my roommate and friends from my summer in DC went to college.



Both sets of my grandparents live in Pittsburgh, as does much of my extended family.  I remember trips to Philadelphia growing up to learn about history.  I have spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania over the years and in my memory is where Thanksgiving should be celebrated.

Rhode Island

South Carolina

More family vacations over the years!  My mom used to live in Charleston and my uncle graduated from College of Charleston, so South Carolina is special to my family.

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore and the Badlands!  South Dakota is a beautiful state.



Oh, Texas.  I’ve been to two conferences in Dallas and an ex-boyfriend’s family lived in Texas.  I’ve spent a lot of time in that state everywhere from Dallas to Houston to San Antonio to smaller towns like San Angelo and Nacogdoches.  I enjoy a good Texas brisket and some fresh salsa.


I want to explore Utah more.  The most I’ve seen is the stretch from Salt Lake City airport to the Idaho border.  I can;;t wait to explore some of the national parks in Utah!



I lived in Virginia in pre-school and fourth, fifth and sixth grade.  I LOVED Virginia!  The field trips were hands down the best I ever got to go on.  I loved the diversity in ethnicity and immigration status of my classmates.  I loved our friends and the opportunities I had.  Virginia is where I fell in love with theatre and learned to play the oboe.


I’ve spent a little bit of time in both Seattle and Spokane and on the drive between the two.  I enjoy Washington and the friends I have from there.  I can’t wait to go back to Washington in September and make memories with William and his parents as we celebrate his 30th birthday and see The Who in concert.

West Virginia

West Virginia is a state we used to have to drive through to get from Virginia to Pennsylvania.  It also the first place my dog experienced snow – her first snow is what I always think of when I think of West Virginia.


Wisconsin Dells and dairy cows are my memories from Wisconsin on our drive through moving from Virginia to North Dakota,  I remember stopping near the dells and our hotel having a great attached water “park”.


Wyoming is where I almost totaled my car driving home after Thanksgiving my senior year of college.  It’s where I spent many long, windy drives back and forth from Colorado to Montana and now from Idaho to Colorado.  It’s also home to Grand Teton National Park, a special place for William and I; it’s where it was solidified for me that William was the person I wanted to do forever with the first time he took me to the Tetons.  It’s where we’re taking our engagement pictures and where we continue to go on adventures.  Wyoming, like New York, is love.


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