June was an insane month – I’ll write separate posts about each event that happened in both May and June, but in June alone I have done more than some people do in a year it feels like.  The month began visiting my soon to be in-laws in Alabama and as soon as we returned to Idaho we packed up the apartment and moved into our house.  As soon as our move was over we headed to Coeur D’Alene for my little’s wedding and passed through Missoula on our way there.  The day we returned from the wedding my parents came to visit for a week.  And now there are only a handful of days left and it will be July.

July will be incredible because I get to use my passport for the very first time!  I just can’t believe how quickly 2015 is flying by and how much has already happened this year.

Having my parents here for a week was great – we got so much done around the house and regarding the wedding.

Pictures are hung on the walls, the garage is organized and the hoses hung on the house. We were able to hike Red Hill for the best view of Pocatello and hike to Hidden Falls around Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons.  We spent an afternoon at the pool and attended Revive at Five – a local Wednesday night concert and fundraiser held every Wednesday from the end of May through the beginning of September.

The hotel block is ready, the florist is selected, my parents had a chance to see our venue and eat both breakfast and dinner there, we found an officiant since my friend had to back out of presiding over our ceremony, we found a DJ, we selected our music for the ceremony and asked our siblings to be a part of our ceremony with the brothers ushering our mothers & grandmothers and his sister and my brother doing a reading, we also asked my cousin to greet everyone as they enter and found a location for a luncheon on Friday before the rehearsal.  In addition, we started a running list of the many little things still to be done.

I loved being able to spend some time with my dad on his birthday and be with him as he found out some heartbreaking news about my Pap-Pap.  I’m grateful they were able to come visit and give William and I so much help and support this past week – I’m already looking forward to seeing them in August and William’s parents in September.

This week I’m going to work on writing posts about my sister’s visit for Memorial Day, our trip to Georgia and Alabama, our new house, showing William around Missoula, and the wedding weekend in CDA.

I hate that I haven’t been writing as things happen since that makes the details fuzzier, but I want to use this space more often to record the events of this year as they happen.

2015’s word is JOY and there has been so much joy already this year, but especially this June.


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