Summer 2015

This summer I intended to blog regularly about each of the trips we have taken.  Instead, this summer turned into a whirlwind of activity that has left me ready for the reprieve of the academic year and the steadiness that will come from being in one place for more than a week.

I have had an adventure-filled summer from its start and I am so grateful for every visit, every trip and every day with my favorite adventure partner by my side. Now, it is back to reality with classes resuming on Monday and staying home for a few weeks.

The summer began with my sister coming to visit over Memorial Day weekend.  We went to Boise, to Idaho wine country, to the hot springs. on a hike and just enjoyed spending time together.

The following week we headed down to Georgia to see our friends Kala and Derrick tie the knot and spend time with William’s friends and family in Alabama.  It was a wonderful trip that flew by too quickly.

When we got back from Alabama we closed on our house and moved into our first home together.

The next week we were off to Couer D’Alene for my little’s wedding to Kyle.  We spent a night in Missoula so that I could show William where I went to college, had a busy wedding weekend between Spokane and Couer D’Alene and came back home to my parents visiting for a week.

Having my parents visit was so nice, but again much too fast.  Mama helped hang a lot of our pictures on the wall and we were able to accomplish a significant amount of wedding planning for October.  We also learned that my PapPap had cancer and would not be able to attend the wedding.  We immediately planned an August trip to Pittsburgh to spend some time with him and so that William could meet him.

In July we headed to Bari, Italy for a work event for William and a week-long vacation for the two of us.  It was beautiful, the food was delicious and the weather was HOT.  I loved being able to use my passport for the first time!

When we came back from Italy we learned that my Pap-Pap had taken a turn for the worse and on July 23 he passed away.  We took our engagement pictures later that day and we adopted a dog the next day. It was an emotional week to say the least.

The first week of August had us going to Boise to see Alabama Shakes in concert and the next morning taking a road-trip to Colorado with the dog where I had a wedding dress fitting and William played in a gold tournament with my dad.  We visited my brother in Boulder and had a whirlwind weekend.  I also said goodbye to my sweet fifteen-year-old dog Madeline for the last time as she has had cancer for the last year and has gotten progressively worse this summer.  Last night Mama texted us that she wasn’t doing well and would probably pass away soon.

The week after we were in Colorado we headed to Pittsburgh.  While William wasn’t able to meet PapPap, he did get to meet both of mt grandmothers, my Aunt Michelle and her husband Jason.  We also visited PNC Park and Heinz Field, took the incline up Mount Washington, ate sandwiches at Primanti Brothers and William tried a pirogi for the first time.  It was another whirlwind trip that went by much too fast – especially since it had been close to ten years since I was last in western PA.

In the midst of everything else, every Wednesday we have been home we have helped out at a local concert sponsored by the community service organization we belong to, and I have been working part-time.

The craziness will continue through the end of 2015, but I can honestly day that 2015 is full of more love, more joy, more adventure and more change than I ever could have dreamed of, but I am so grateful for all of it.  In the midst of some very sad moments in my life, I have had the best supporter and friend by my side who was also there for the most beautiful highs of joy.


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