My Ideal Day

There are so many ways you can interpret this prompt, but I’m choosing my realistic ideal day of what real life looks like.

I’d wake up with the sun, take our dog outside, make a cup of coffee and crawl back in bed to enjoy a morning cuddle with Mavis and William.  After our coffee and cuddles, we’d head out for a 3 to 5 mile family walk before heading to the farmer’s market to pick up produce for the week and grab some crepes, sweet buns, and coffee for breakfast.

Then we would head home to watch College Game Day and football.  We’d have supper cooking in the crockpot and I’d whip up some tasty veggies to go on the side during half-time that night. Ideally, the games would turn out the way we hoped and it would be a day of relaxing and celebrating and having fun with my family.

I’m a simple girl who enjoys time with her man and her dog and loves the fall, college football and long walks with her family.

My other ideal day is coming up on October 10 – I’ll be blogging about that then, but I already know it will be a great one!


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