iTunes Shuffle

Today’s prompt is to share the first 10 songs that appear when I play my iTunes on shuffle.  I have not bought anything new on iTunes in a while, so I’m not quite sure what will come up!

  1. Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons: My brother introduced me to Imagine Dragons years ago and I just love everything from them.
  2. Barefoot Blue Jean Night – Jake Owen: This song reminds me of my senior spring in college and especially of my spring break that year in Auburn.
  3. Party People – Florida Georgia Line: I have seen Florida-Georgia Line in concert twice.  They are just a fun, party show and my whole family loves them.  Get the Gilsons in the car and we can all agree on them and Imagine Dragons and some other country too!
  4. Bartender – Lady Antebellum: This song makes me think of my friend Rachel and our attitudes whenever one of us has been through a breakup.
  5. Marry You – Bruno Mars: This song reminds me of last summer when Sara, Rachel, Ashley and I went to see Bruno at the Gorge in Washington.  It was such a fun show and his band could dance!  I really like Bruno Mars and am so grateful we got to see him last year.
  6. Mine All Mine – SHeDAISY: Does anyone else remember SHeDAISY from the early 2000s?  This song is on the Sweet Home Alabama soundtrack and has been a favorite since middle school!
  7. Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra: Oh, Sinatra!  Is there anything more relaxing than to have a glass of red wine, be cooking supper in the kitchen and have Sinatra serenading you?
  8. All of the Stars – Ed Sheeran: The Fault In Our Stars had an incredible soundtrack! I also just really enjoy Ed Sheeran’s music.
  9. Rocky Mountain High – John Denver: You can’t grow up in Colorado or live there for any amount of time and not fall in love with Rocky Mountain High.  This is the quintessential Colorado song and my parents have always been big John Denver fans.  Also, every concert in Colorado – regardless of genre – that I’ve been to has played Rocky Mountain High as part of their set.
  10. Raise ‘Em Up – Keith Urban featuring Eric Church: My parents, sister and I went to see Keith Urban’s Raise ‘Em Up tour in Denver last year.  I love both Keith Urban and Eric Church and so I clearly love this collaboration.  I also love the lyrics of this song and the message it has.

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5 thoughts on “iTunes Shuffle

  1. Popped over from Blog -temper 🙂 Loving Imagine Dragons right now! I need to get them on my playlist. Also, your header is gorgeous!! The mountains are my absolute favorite, but I live way down in Houston, TX and rarely get to see them. Happy Saturday to you!


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