Season of Love

Oh, Autumn… you are the sweetest time of year!

I wrote a post last October titled Favorite Kind of Days that I feel encapsulates my love of fall and wanted to share it again here with some edits.

Autumn is full of those days that just make my heart happy from the moment I wake up and carries on throughout the day regardless of what they day holds.

The kind of days where the chill in the air is noticeable before you’re even fully awake and makes you abundantly aware that the best season of the year is finally here.

The kind of days where the gray skies and consistent drizzle of rain are comforting and encourage you to pull out your tights and scarves and boots for the first time this season & paint your nails a deep, dark, brooding color that screams to you that autumn is back and inviting you to embrace it fully.

It’s the kind of weather where you want a beautiful mug full of piping hot coffee or tea attached to your hand at all times.

When lunchtime rolls around you cannot wait to have a giant bowl of soup, something that you haven’t craved since March when the last snow fell.

There is a special feeling in the air that is impossible to capture but truly awakens you in a way where you hadn’t realized you had been asleep.

It is the magical season filled with flannels, tights, boots, hot beverages, extra layers, cozy blankets, fires, football, hiking and your favorite flavors.

It is season filled with the promise of magic, adventures and love – especially this year as every October from here on out will now hold William and I’s anniversary!

It is the beginning of a new year in my eyes – the year always seems to start anew in September when the winds and leaves begin to change.

Autumn is full of my favorite kind of days.

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