Happy Birthday William

My favorite person turns thirty today. To celebrate, we’re going to Seattle next week with his parents to see The Who in concert, explore Seattle and whale watching. It’ll be a wonderful trip!

I love that at this time last year, I was visiting Pocatello for the first time, and now I love here and we’re engaged to be married in just a few short weeks. Oh, how a year has changed things!

I cannot wait to see what this new year and new decade of his life holds. I’m excited that I get to be there side by side with him.

  1. I love his laugh.
  2. I love the way his eyes light up when he’s excited.
  3. I love how he cooks supper every night.
  4. I love that he takes care of our family.
  5. I love when he surprises me.
  6. I love the way he loves his dogs.
  7. I love how he challenges me intellectually.
  8. I love when he recommends new books to read or shows to watch.
  9. I love that he takes care of the yard work.
  10. I love when we cuddle on the couch after a long day.
  11. I love when he pokes fun at me – which is a multiple-times a day occurrence.
  12. I love how easily he fit into my family.
  13. I love that we go on adventures together – whether we’re running errands around town or exploring a different city or country.
  14. I love his passion and enthusiasm.
  15. I love that he tries new things with me – quinoa, hot tea, snow shoeing; he’s always up for trying new things.
  16. I love when he introduces me to new things.
  17. I love when we find something we both love and we indulge that mini-obsession all day.
  18. I love that he plays board games with me, even though they’re not his favorite.
  19. I love that he encourages me to pursue my master’s degree for counseling and wants to see me pursuing a career I love and thrive in.
  20. I love that he enjoys hiking and taking advantage of where we live.
  21. I love when he wears his glasses – he looks so handsome!
  22. I love when he plays music trivia with me, even if I’m terrible at it!
  23. I love how William has embraced my friends and worked to develop his own friendship with them.
  24. I love how he sees me as a partner in life.
  25. I love his heart for travel and the bucket list of trips we’ve created.
  26. I love that William is passionate about social justice too.
  27. I love that William questions everything – it creates conversation and challenges preconceived ideas and perceptions.
  28. I love how hard he works every day.
  29. I love how being together feels like two pieces of a whole finally joining together.
  30. I love the way we love each other and how comfortable it feels every day to do life with my best friend and to make the choice to be with each other every day.

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