15 in 2015 Update

I initially posted a list of 15 things I hoped would happen in 2015 here, last December.

Today, I thought it would be fun to revisit that list and see how many items I’ve been able to cross off! 10 of 15 isn’t bad! Two of them will not be crossed off and will have to be carried over to by 16 in 2016 list for next year, but I still have a chance to complete the other three – or carry those over too!

  1. Visit somewhere I’ve never been. New York!
  2. Move to Idaho. Happened March 30, 2015!
  3. Get a new job. Happened March 30, 2015, but I’m still looking at other opportunities, too until I find something full-time.
  4. Run a 5K & 10K.
  5. See a show on Broadway. We saw Cabaret with Emma Stone and Alan Cumming!
  6. Complete a β€œno-spend” month. August 2015!
  7. Eat vegetarian for one month.
  8. Read 24 books.
  9. Try 24 new recipes.
  10. Do something active 5x/week for 52 weeks.
  11. Blog every day for a month. September 2015!
  12. Attend a concert. We saw Alabama Shakes and The Who!
  13. Learn to crochet.
  14. Adopt a dog. We rescued Mavis in July!
  15. Take at least one picture a day.

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