Five Favorite Bloggers

I have many blogs I read, but my very favorites are below.
Sarah from Back Home Blue – I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog since she was a student at the University of Tennessee and first began blogging. I feel like if she and I met in real life, that we’d be friends. I’ve enjoyed the excerpts she’s recently shared from the book she has written, I love hearing her take on music and she has inspired me to try barre workouts if I ever get the chance.
Kelly from Kelly’s Korner – I found Kelly’s blog when her daughter Harper was in the NICU and now she’s seven! When I worked in parenting research, I always looked at what Kelly was talking about that day because it gave me a good pulse on things that matter in the day-to-day and where parents were struggling from reading her comments section.  I also love that her blog feels wholly authentic – that if you were to run into Kelly and her family that they’d be true to how she writes about them.
Shay from Mix and Match Family – I started reading Shay’s blog following her brother’s season of The Bachelor, but really enjoy reading about her travel adventures and life as an adoptive family.
Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy – Lauren is working on an advanced degree in London where she lives with her husband and two kids and I love her recaps of travels and trying new places for tea. I’ve been reading her blog since before she ha her kids and was leading groups of students around Europe and serving more as a travel blog in combination with being an expat. I love her writing style, fashion choices and look forward to visiting some of her tea house recommendations one day!
Kiki from Unlocking Kiki – Kiki lives in Iceland with her Viking and takes the most gorgeous pictures of her adventures around that dreamy Scandinavian country and her other travels as well.  Kiki’s blog has me wanting to pick up my life and become an expat in Iceland too – or at least plan a very extended adventure there where I can go hiking in a glacier and on a volcano, chase waterfalls, watch the Northern lights and cuddle puffins.
Who are your favorite bloggers?
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