Oh, October!

Oh, October, how I love thee.

The weather is cooling down… well, kind of… it’s supposed to be 80 on Saturday. The leaves are changing colors and getting dressed in their finest hues. Football season is in full swing and baseball season is heading into playoff territory – here’s hoping the Bucco’s knock the Cubs out on Wednesday. Let’s Raise the Jolly Roger and see the Pirates in World Series contention! Seasonal flavors are everywhere – hot cider, pumpkin spice, all the squash and apples and pears! This month is truly my favorite.

While Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday, there is something so magical about the month of October as everyone begins to cozy up a little more as the sun goes down a little earlier. Everyone is excited for the cooling temperatures and not yet dealing with any snow. October is the beginning of the magical holiday months that close out another year.

From now on, October will also be extra special to me because it is when William and I will get to celebrate the love we share and our decision to do life hand-in-hand. It will be a time to look back on fondly and remember this week forever when our friends and family made the not so cheap trek to Idaho to celebrate with us. When we can reflect on being surrounded with love.

Last October we had different adventures – we watched Air Force sink Navy (unlike this year), we took the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak, we looked at beautiful golden aspens and hiked to a waterfall. It was beautiful and magical in it’s own way and I’m excited to see what next October holds for us too.

Do you love October as much as I do? If not, what is your favorite month of the year?


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