Fantasy Football

I have come to the unfortunate realization that I am terrible at fantasy football. Or at least, I’m terrible this year. You see, we did an auction draft instead of a snake draft and so my strategy got a little wonky. Plus, I was chasing after my crazy dog the entire draft.

So, while my team is solid and has so much potential to do well, it just falls a little short each week. This week I only got a total of 60 points while most everyone else is the league has 90+ points.

My kicker also lost his job this weekend, so I need to pick a new one up off the waiver quickly.

I love fantasy football and the investment it creates in watching every game on over the weekend instead of just the Steelers and Saints games. I love that you are pulling for individual players who would otherwise be anonymous to you. I love the idea of fantasy football, I just wish I wasn’t the worst in our league.

Next year, I vote we do a snake draft which seems to take more strategy. I also will probably go for some different guys next year, even though some of my players are actually really solid week-to-week.

Do you play fantasy football? How is your team doing this year?


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