Favorite Wines

I’ve become a lover of wine the older I’ve gotten. I love trying new wines, visiting vineyards and learning what wines pair well with what foods.

Last November while in Jackson, Wyoming at Bin 22, our server recommended a new style of wine to us – Mencia. Mencia has easily become my most favorite style of wine. It comes from a small region in Spain and is my go to when I just want to get my Olivia Pope on and enjoy some wine and popcorn.

I also have a preference for Cabernet Sauvignon when I want a glass of wine with my steak or just want a glass of wine while out for supper.

I know that I prefer reds to whites most of the time, but this summer when in Puglia, I learned I really enjoy Prosecco when the heat is sweltering.  I actually think I prefer Prosecco to Champagne.

I do enjoy a Riesling with a cheese tray in the summer or when having a glass of wine with dessert.  My summer go to wine tends to be Chardonnay because it always tastes clean and crisp and seems to pair well with all of the fish I crave in the warmer months.

What wines do you enjoy? Do you have a go to? What is your recommendation for me to try next?


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