Travel Dreams

My travel dreams are extensive. I want not only to travel the world and see new places, but to really spend time somewhere and experience a new culture and new way of seeing the world.

This past summer I had the incredible privilege of using my passport for the first time when we went to the Puglia region of Italy. It was somewhere I didn’t know anything about prior to planning our trip there, but I loved it there. How many other places in the world would I fall in love with that I don’t even know about at this point in time?

Next summer William and I are hoping to take a delayed honeymoon to Iceland and explore the magnificent beauty that exists on that island. We want to go hiking glaciers and swim in geothermal hot springs, try new foods, chase waterfalls and look for adventure.

We dream of visiting other Scandinavian countries and exploring their natural beauty. William wants to go to Norway most, and after living in Minot and attending the Norskhostfest I want to too. Not to mention, I used to LOVE the Norway ride in Epcot!

I want to see the United Kingdom and visit most every part of western Europe. I want to visit Croatia and find the village my great-grandmother grew up in. I want to learn whether her husband was Austrian or Italian and find where he came from too. I want to walk in the paths of my ancestors and find ways to connect with them in Croatia, Poland, England, Ireland and try to really know if I’m part Austrian or Italian; with his surname, I truly assume Austrian, but this summer we learned that his immigration papers list him as Italian.

I want to visit parts of Eastern Europe that we don’t think about as often.

I used to dream of visiting Turkey and Morocco and Egypt and Israel but given our current global climate, I don’t know that I ever will. I wonder what it would be like to visit South Africa and see a different part of the world.

We talk about going to Japan and China and Korea and seeing different Asian cultures and eating foods we love.

We talk about exploring Australia and New Zealand.

Our dreams are HUGE and I wonder where we will actually get the opportunities to go. Life is too short to not expose yourself to new cultures and new people and new experiences. My only problem is wanting to see and do everything and having to pare myself down.


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