Wedding Songs: Ceremony & Reception

I can’t believe the wedding was over a week ago already! Time is just flying by.

Due to our inability to hear our cellist who was outside from inside the building, the mothers and grandmothers were sat and my sister walked down the aisle to a different song than planned. Instead of Pachelbell, they walked down to one of our prelude songs, How Great Thou Art. No one noticed, and I actually liked it. The weather was gorgeous and we were getting married outside in God’s creation, so it was an appropriate accident and it was a song my Pappy loved.

My daddy walked me down the aisle to Edelweiss – the song he used to sing me every night as a lullaby growing up. It was so special to me that it worked out for that to be the song. I wish the cellist had played the full song since our aisle was short enough that we sped down it!

After our ceremony, the recessional song was Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. It was perfect! & it went well with our favors – koozies that on one side had our names and wedding date and on the other said “Home is Wherever I’m With You” which could not be more true.

Our first dance was to In My Life by the Beatles and Mags sang to me the whole time – it was more perfect than I ever could have dreamed of! The Beatles are his favorite band and the whole time all I could focus on was my husband and how sweet it was to dance in his arms while he sang to me.

My daddy-daughter dance was to Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and the Beast – the very first movie I ever saw in theaters and one of my all time favorites! Belle has always been my favorite princess because of her love of books and sacrificial love for the people she cared about, so to dance with my dad to that song was very sweet and we both started crying immediately.

William and his mom danced to Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a song that was sentimental to Sandy because of her dad. William and his maternal grandfather share a birthday, so there’s extra sentiment involved.

The anniversary dance was to God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes and the longest married couple was one of William’s best friend’s parents at 36 years. It was very sweet to see all of the married couples dancing and celebrating marriages that are young and old and honoring the commitment each couple still makes to each other.

Each of these songs will always be sentimental to me because of the role they played on October 10, 2015.


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