In vs. Out

I am linking up with Allison of Because I said So for her weekly Friday In vs. Out.


  • New Beginnings. Monday I start a new, full-time job and on Thursday I begin volunteer training with a local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault organization.
  • Christmas Music. The weather these last few days has had me busting out sweaters, Christmas music and holiday movies. I am making Christmas last longer this year because I’m just feeling it.
  • Family Recipes. At my bridal shower, everyone shared family recipes they loved for William and I to make together. One of my goals by the end of the year is to make as many as possible! This weekend I plan to make my Grammy’s stuffed cabbage!


  • October. I can’t believe this month is over! It was one of my favorites ever because William and I got to say “I do” in front of our friends and family, but I am ready for November and what this new month will bring!
  • Poor Choices. I have Ulcerativ Colitis, because of that I really need to be eating smart to keep myself healthy and I haven’t been. No more. Moving forward, I will actually just fuel my body with things that not only taste good, but that make me feel good too.
  • Two Jobs. Beginning Monday, I will have one, full-time position instead of two part-time positions!

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